Beltane ~ November 1st

Beltane is celebrated on the 1st of November. The night before Beltane is sometimes called Walpurgis Eve.

The God and Goddess have grown to maturity, and they are married at Beltane. Sexuality is a central theme for this Sabbat, but certainly not the only one. Love, fertility, sensuality are other reasons to celebrate. The Goddess shifts from her spring-time Maiden aspect, and is now the Mother. The God is seen as the Greenman, or the wild Stag.

Beltane is at the opposite point of the year from Samhain, and represents life rather than death. The name for the holiday likely came from the bonfire (or balefires) that were lit on high hills on this night.


Activities and Rituals: May Pole Dancing, gathering flowers and herbs, weaving a chaplet, gatherings of families and clans, fertility rites, handfastings, balefires, the Great Rite (symbolic fertility ritual)

Incense: Rose, Lilac, Florals, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Yarrow, Basil, Camphor, Clove.
Tools: unknown

Stones/Gems: Rose quartz, emerald, sapphire, bloodstone
Colors: Red, white, green, yellow
Symbols & Decorations: May Pole, flowers, fauna, handfastings, butter churn, eggs, chalice, knife, flower chaplet, May baskets, bells
Foods: Dairy foods, oats and oat cakes, bannocks, honey and sweets, greens, green salads, beltaine cakes
Deities : Fertility Gods and Goddesses, Flower Goddesses, Pan, The Green Man, Flora, Diana, Artemis, Faunus and Nymphs. Basically fertility Gods and Goddess and Mother figure Goddesses.

Herbs and Flowers: Hawthorn, primrose, cowslip, rose, rosemary, birch, pine, lilac

Animals: Rabbits, goats, honey bees, pegasus, satyrs

Work: unknown at this point