The God


                        The Archetypal male deity. Unlike the ever-changing Goddess, the God

                        is considered to be a more stable influence on our lives.


                        The Earth God, the God of the Wild Hunt, and of animals, is of the

                        GREEN MAN type, representing the spirit of life, wild life, forests.

                        The most common Earth God name used in the craft is Cerrnunos,

                        the Horned God, the God of nature and of hunting. He is the

                        Son/lover of our Mother Earth. Lord of death & rebirth.


                        As the Holly King he rules over winter months and as Oak King he

                        presides over the summer months. He is the Spirit of life & vegetation

                        and symbolises life everlasting.


                        Our Sky God is the SUN, variously known as Lugh, Bel, or Apollo.