The Goddess


              The Archetypal female deity. Our beautiful Goddess has many faces, 

                        and many names. Whether you call her Kali, Demeter, Mary, or

                        Cerridwen, you are still meeting her and touching that same source of life.

                        The two main Goddess attributes are the EARTH GODDESS and the

                        SKY GODDESS.


                        The Earth Goddess is the female face of nature, Mother Earth, who

                        is often known by her Greek name Gaia, who gave birth to

                        all of creation and who is loving & nurturing. Yet she is not without

                        her dark aspect as well.


                        The Sky Goddess, patroness of magic and divination, is often

                        pictured as a Moon Goddess. It is undeniable that the Moon has

                        a strange effect on our emotions. Its connection with madness is

                        hinted at in the word “lunatic”. But it is also a very powerful tool to

                        use in connecting with the magickal old brain. The Moon

                        Goddess is often known as the “Triple Goddess”.


                        Just as the moon has three faces NEW, FULL and DARK of MOON;

                        so the TRIPLE GODDESS has three faces: the MAIDEN, the

                        MOTHER, and the CRONE. These faces symbolise the three stages

                        of a woman’s life: Maiden (waxing phase), Mother (full moon),

                        Crone (waning phase). These can be considered as the young

                        girl full of promise, the nurturing mother, and the wise old lady.   


                        Different goddess names can be linked to the various

                        stages. For instance Artemis the Huntress, young, energetic yet

                        hardly kind might be linked with the Maiden. Hecate is The

                        Crone. She is also the Dark Moon Goddess.