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Who Wrote What?
All That Glitters Isn't Gold

A little stumped as to who wrote which books? If you answered "yes" to that question then let me straighten it all out for you.
After VC Andrews passed away in December of 1986, the family sought a specially selected "Ghost Writer" to carry on her genius. It was until Dawn came out that readers were made aware that Virginia had actually passed away, following the release of Dawn, readers weren't told until much much later who the "Ghost Writer" was. Turned out it was none other that horror writer Andrew Neiderman.
So who wrote what...?


The main books that were until suspiscion as to who wrote what are:

Fallen Hearts

Gates of Paradise

Web of Dreams

Garden of Shadows

It seems that Fallen Hearts, Gates of Paradise and Garden of Shadows were written by VC Andrews. Web of Dreams was not written by VC Andrews but was written by Andrew Neiderman with the notes left behind by VC Andrews.

"All novels up until the last book in the Logan Series had notes and plots already written for them by Virginia. Andrew wrote the miniseries books and everything after them on his own with Virginia's mind, so-to-speak. He tried to follow Virginia's thoughts and visions in these books, and did a rather good job I might add. Andrew was inspired by Virginia's writings and read all her books before continuing with the rest of the novels to get the readers to think that she did actually write them."


Clear it up any for ya? I hope so...