Forbidden Fruit

Crystals & Stones
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Just what do Crystals and Precious Stones have to do with Wicca?

Stones and/or Precious Gems have significant qualities and elements when associated with magick and spellworking.



  • Agate- Courage, Strength, Love, Protection, Longevity, Gardening, Healing
  • Alexandrite- Luck, Love, Spiritual Transformation, Joy
  • Amazonite- Success, Joy, Self expression, Awakens the heart and throat Chakras
  • Amber- Luck, Healing, Strength, Protection, Beauty, Love
  • Amethyst- Courage, Psychic healing, Dreams, Removing addictions (esp. Alcohol),Peace, Happiness, Love, Opens the crown Chakra
  • Apache Tear- Protection(in general), Luck, Divination, Healing
  • Aquamarine- Money, Luck, Mental agility, Visual acuity, Peace, Healing, Opens the Heart Chakra
  • Azurite- Psychic Energy, Dreams, Divination, Healing, Concentration, transformation
  • Beryl- Energy(in general), Love, Healing, Psychic awareness, Protection(esp. Weather and dangers associated with water)
  • Bloodstone- Courage, Strength, Victory(in any undertaking), Wealth, Self confidence, Business and legal affairs, Stops bleeding, Helps to regulate the first four Chakras
  • Calcite- Centering, Grounding, Purification, Money, Peace, Calms all fears
  • Carnelian- Courage, Increase sexual energy, Verbal skills, Peace, Alleviates jealously, Apathy, Fear, Rage
  • Celestite- Verbal skills, Healing, Compassion, Calming, Aids in personal growth
  • Clear Quartz- Super energy booster(both positive and/or negative) used with other stones/metals, Protection, Healing, Psychism, Meditation, Scrying/Divination, Lactation
  • Chrysoprase- Prosperity, Luck, Happiness, Friendship, Protection, Healing
  • Citrine- Psychic Powers, Protection, Creativity, Sexual energy, Deflects nightmares
  • Coral- Healing, Menstruation, Agriculture, Protection, Peace, Wisdom
  • Diamond- Courage, Strength, Healing, Protection, Spirituality, Mental and sexual energy/abilities
  • Emerald- Prosperity, Mental and psychic abilities, Dreams, Meditation, Visual acuity, Love, Peace, Inner/outer balance, Opens the heart Chakra
  • Flint- Protection, Healing, Divination
  • Fossils- Elemental Power, Past-life regression, Protection, Longivity
  • Garnet- Strength, Physical energy, Healing, Protection, Purification, Compassion, Opens the root and crown Chakras
  • Geode- Fertility, Childbirth, Meditation, Freedom of the spirit, Psychic ability, Dreams, Astral travel
  • Hematite- Grounding, Calming, Healing, Divination, Intuition, Physical strength, aids restful sleep
  • Jade- Healing, Protection, Wisdom, Prosperity, Peace, Love, Long life, Fertility, Courage
  • Jasper- Healing, Protection, Health, Beauty, Energy(all kinds)
  • Jet- Protection, Anti-nightmare, Luck, Divination, Health, Healing
  • Kunzite- Creativity, Communication(all kinds), Peace, Balance, Relaxation, Grounding
  • Lapis Lazuli- Courage, Joy, Love, Fidelity, Psychic abilities, Protection, Healing, Beauty, Prosperity
  • Lava- Protection, Divination, Gardening, Past life regression
  • Lepidolite- Peace, Spirituality, Physical strength, Luck, Protection, Psychic abilities, Emotional balance, Deflects nightmares
  • Malachite- Power, Energy, Protection, Love, Peace, Success in business, Vision quests, Gardening
  • Marble- Protection, Success(in general)
  • Moldavite- Psychic abilities, Mental and emotional balance
  • Moonstone- Grounding, Love, Divination, Sleep, Gardening, Protection, Youth, Harmony, Magick, Travel
  • Mother-of-Pearl- Protection, Wealth, Water(Ocean) Magick, Weather
  • Obsidian- Grounding, Divination, Protection, Repels negativity(any)
  • Onyx- emotional balance, Self control (any, esp. sexual matters), Binding magick, Protection (esp. Someone else's magick) Strength
  • Opal- Beauty, Prosperity, Luck, Power, Psychic abilities, Visual acuity, Emotional balance
  • Pearl- Love, Wealth, Protection, Luck
  • Peridot- Protection, Prosperity, Sleep, Health, Emotional balance, Intuition
  • Petrified Wood- Longevity, Past life Regression, Healing, Protection
  • Rose Quartz- Love, Peace, Happiness, Healing (esp. Emotional matters)
  • Rhodochrosite- Energy, Peace, Calm, Love, Mental activity, Emotional balance, Balances the root Chakra
  • Rhodonite- Peace, Mental clarity, Memory, Confidence, Opens the crown Chakra
  • Ruby- Prosperity, Power, Courage, Integrity, Joy, Deflects nightmares
  • Sapphire- Psychic abilities, Inspiration, Love, Meditation, Peace, Healing, Power, Prosperity, Protection
  • Smoky Quartz- Healing, Directing and absorbing energy, Altered states of being
  • Sodalite- Healing, Meditation, Wisdom, Calm, Grounding, Stress reducer
  • Sunstone- Protection, Energy, Health, Passion, Sexuality
  • Tiger's Eye- Courage, Prosperity, Protection, Energy, Luck, Wisdom, Honesty, Divination, Reduces depression
  • Topaz- Protection, Healing, Dieting, Prosperity, Love, Emotional balance, Tranquility, Balance, Creativity
  • Tourmaline- Love, Friendship, Prosperity, Business, Peace, Sleep, Energy, Courage, Protection, Inspiration, Opens the center(or Sixth) Chakra
  • Turquoise- Courage, Protection, Prosperity, Luck, Friendship, Healing, Communication, Happiness, Emotional balance, Astral travel, Weather, Strengthens all of the Chakras
  • Zircon- Protection (esp. From theft), Beauty, Love, Peace, Sexual energy, Healing, Mental alertness, Emotional balance

NOTE-"Stones" that are products of living creatures may NOT be taken if the animal is living or from one that is harmed or killed for the sole purpose of taking the "stone".


  • Brass- Healing, Money, Protection
  • Copper- Energy direction, Healing, Luck, Love, Protection, Wealth
  • Gold- Power(in general), Healing, Protection, Wealth, Success, Male sexual energy and ability
  • Iron- Protection, Defense magick, Strength, Healing, Grounding, Divination
  • Lodestone- Power, Healing, Attraction, Friendship, Love, Fidelity, Male sexual energy and ability, Willpower, Protection, Business, Money
  • Meteorite- Protection, Astral travel, Divination
  • Pyrite- Money, Divination, Luck
  • Silver- Invocation, Love, Psychism, Dreams, Peace, Protection, Travel, Money
  • Steel- Protection, Anti-nightmare, Healing
  • Tin- Divination, Luck, Wealth


More to come Soon!