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Gemini Series
All That Glitters Isn't Gold

"The Celeste Series is the most startling new series by V.C. Andrews. It concerns a mother who communicates with spirits of her dead family or at least believes she does, and who gets her daughter to believe in the same things. The first book, however, has a great surprise which will astound V.C. Andrews readers worldwide."
-Andrew Neiderman

"Even when I was only three, I sensed there was something different about our mother. She kept secrets from our father, secrets she cared to share only with us, the biggest one being she heard voices no one else could hear."




He was her mirror image. Now the mirror has cracked.

Celeste and her identical twin brother, Noble, are as close as can be -- until a tragic accident takes Noble's life. It's a loss that pushes their mother, a woman obsessed with New Age superstitions, over the edge....

Desperate to keep her son "alive," Celeste's mother forces her to cut her hair, wear boys' clothes, and take on Noble's identity. Celeste has virtually disappeared -- until a handsome boy moves in next door, and Celeste will risk her mother's wrath to let herself come back to life.

Black Cat

Celeste, still in the guise of her deceased brother Noble and fully engulfed in her mothers spiritual world, is now raising Baby Celeste, a child she must deny as her own. For the first two years of Baby Celestes life, her existence is kept secret.

But when her mother falls for Dave Fletcher, their neighbor and Baby Celestes grandfather, and Daves uncontrollable daughter Betsy returns home, the household turns deadly, as jealousy flairs and the truth is finally revealed.

Gemini Series - Main Characters
More to come soon!