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Adare Stand Alone Novel
All That Glitters Isn't Gold

V.C. Andrews, author of the phenomenally successful Dollanganger series, has created a fascinating new case of characters in this haunting story of love and deceit, innocence and betrayal, and the suffocating power of parental love



Audrina Adare

My Sweet Audrina

Audrina Adare wanted so to be as good as her sister. She knew her father could not love her as he loved her sister. Her sister was so special, so perfect -- and dead. Now she will come face to face with the dangerous, terrifying secret that everyone knows. Everyone except ... Audrina

Adare - Main Characters
* Arden Nelson Lowe - son of Billie Lowe, husband of Audrina
* Audrina Adelle Adare Lowe - daughter of Damian and 
* Lucietta Adare, sister of Sylvia and half-sister of Vera, wife of Arden Lowe
* Aunt Mercy Marie - aunt of Lucietta and Ellsbeth Whitefern
* Billie Lowe - mother of Arden Lowe
* Curtis Shay - one of the boys who raped Audrina
* Damian Jonathan Adare - husband of Lucietta Adare, father of Audrina, Vera, and Sylvia
* Ellsbeth Whitefern - sister of Lucietta Adare, mother of Vera
* Hank Barnes - one of the boys who raped Audrina
* Ingmar Johanson - Lucietta's piano teacher
* Lamar Rensdale - Vera's lover
* Lucietta "Lucky" Whitefern Adare - sister of Ellsbeth Whitefern, wife of Damian Adare, mother of Audrina and Sylvia
* Mr. Willis - former resident of Billie and Arden's cottage
* Spencer Longtree - one of the boys who raped Audrina
*Sylvia Adare - daughter of Damian and Lucietta Adare, sister of Audrina and half-sister of Vera
* Vera Adare - daughter of Ellsbeth Whitefern and Damian Adare, half-sister of Audrina and Sylvia